The most advanced alcohol interlock device with cutting-edge alcohol detection sensor and features.

Designed to effectively prevent the user from driving under the influence.

Green Interlock

Accurate Technology

Certified to Australian Standard AS3547 Type 4 Device and meets DOT specifications.


The interlock device uses sensors to measure human temperature and humidity to prevent any chance of circumvention.

Simple Calibration

The unit auto calibrates from one alcohol sample, eliminating the need for a service center to manually adjust device calibration.

Onboard Date Logger

A computer records every interaction the driver has the with the vehicle, including activity, time, date, BAC level, and circumvention records.

Orange Interlock

Other Key Features

Large Memory Capacity

Stores up to 160,000 separate events (can be upgarded) and displays the content in detailed summary.

Meeting Minder

Has a reminder for required scheduled appointments and disables the car from starting if the driver misses an appointment.

Circumvention Record

Records all events including bypasses and failed rolling retests.

Emergency Restart

In case of a vehicle stall, this feature allows the vehicle to have an emergency restart within several minute of shutdown.

Data Transfer

Supports infrared, RS232, and USB download for data and reports.

Power Interrupt

A record of when the vehicle’s power has been disconnected or interrupted. This may occurs if the driver tampers, repairs or replaces the battery. Driver is required to provide documentation of repairs.

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